Firm Structure

   MIM Wealth exclusively manages discretionary portfolios in Ontario. Each portfolio has an Investment Policy Statement, written together with the client, that states in plain English their investment goals and expectations regarding risk and return. I manage the portfolio based on the Investment Policy Statement, leaving clients the freedom of not being involved in day to day investment decision making. Clients interact directly with me for all matters and we typically sit down together annually to review our progress.

   A major Canadian brokerage firm, ScotiaMcLeod , is the custodian and executes all trades under my direction. As ScotiaMcLeod is owned by The Bank of Nova Scotia, clients have the peace of mind of a separate custodian and the security of a large organization.  Said another way, your account will always reside with ScotiaMcLeod, all cheques and transfers will go directly to and from ScotiaMcLeod, and you will receive monthly statements from ScotiaMcLeod. MIM Wealth manages the investment decisions in the portfolio, the client relationship and provides summary reports.


   MIM Wealth receives no income from trading commissions or other transactional costs nor do we have subsidiary companies that do. Elimination of this conflict of interest is a key tenet of our culture. The frictional costs of trading commissions, currency spreads, etc. are minimized to the best of our ability.  Our sole source of income is our management fee, described in fee options.