Fee Options

   Management Fees are the sole source of income for MIM Wealth. We provide two options, the first being quite standard to our industry and the second we believe to be unique.


Option A - Management Fee : Charged quarterly in arrears based on portfolio size and asset allocation. A full fee schedule is provided with the client contract.


Option B - Performance Only Fee :  There is no base fee and a fee is only charged at year end if there is a positive return. The fee is 15% of the return. For example, a year end  10% return would garner a 1.5% performance fee. If the annual performance is zero or negative, there is no fee. In the case of negative performance, like 2008, we would always have to recoup past losses before the performance fee would apply. There is no catch, it is client friendly but we are also confident in our ability to generate attractive returns over time.