Client Profile

   MIM Wealth is structured to exclusively manage nest egg portfolios for clients, families and foundations in Ontario. Our client base began in 1998 with a collection of brave souls believing in a new firm. We are pleased to report that all founding clients remain with the firm. I aspire to be judged both by my investment acumen and commitment to strong client relationships. In profiling my clients below, the first two points would be requirements whereas the last two are more observational.


  1. 1.Clients have portfolios in excess of $500,000. This limits the number of clients, ensures our

    ability to develop strong relationships, and enables me to spend the vast majority of

    my time researching sound investments.

  1. 2. Clients have independently concluded to delegate investment decision making. They have

     decided that they no longer want to put their heads together with an advisor towards picking

     stocks or funds.

  1. 3.They are conservative, often living below their means and have amassed more money than might

    be apparent.

  1. 4.Conservative growth is a typical mandate for their portfolio. They are not looking to “get rich

      quick”,  they are looking to compound their wealth methodically while moderating risk.